Your rights guaranteed

Each client is not considered a case, but a person who places their trust and part of their privacy with us. Who deserves to be treated as a person and not as a number in a forest of files.

You are unique and we will defend the most valuable thing you have: your rights! We will defend them with the highest level of efficiency, quality, transparency and professionalism, both with our clients and with ourselves. The effort takes us where no one would imagine. The important thing is the path and not the goal, but we are a key piece in the result.

Comprehensive knowledge of the specialties of sports law, which requires continuous training due to the dynamism of the sector, together with proven proven experience, generated from study and observation, which have made them grow for decades and consolidate themselves as a highly prestigious law firm, constitutes the hallmark of Legal Sports Boutique S.L..

Sports Law is an area directly connected to other branches of Law: Administrative (federations, sports discipline, doping), Labor (professional athletes), Commercial (sports corporations), Civil (challenging agreements, sports accidents) and Taxation (tax regime for non-profit entities and sports foundations). Only a team of multidisciplinary law lawyers can provide comprehensive sports legal advice with ample guarantees, as well as respond to the multitude of questions that professional sports practice frequently raises from the perspective of the soccer player.

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