The basis of sport is a training action, where the protagonists are children and young athletes, whose main objective is for the player to continue being a player the following year. The basic idea that we must be clear about is that the players in these categories, whatever their qualities, are children and adolescents. If we start from here, we have already taken the first step to do our job well. What a child constantly wants is to have fun and have a good time, and we must take this into account and use it to our advantage. Remember that football is played, basketball is played, volleyball is played… we are actually playing.

In this way, not only do you learn to play the sport in question, but also sport is a transmitter of social values. Values ​​such as teamwork, cooperation, leadership, discipline, commitment, desire to improve, achievement, success, punctuality, although sport is an empty container by itself, it is not a generator of values, we are the ones who shape it, a meaning, values. It depends on the approach you give to the sport, those values ​​will be positive or negative.