We are crazy about soccer! We are «Locos X Futbol» and from our brand Xports Xperts we present our agency of soccer player representatives, focusing on young athletes.

Becoming a professional soccer player is the dream that many young people pursue. The formula to achieve this goal is found in equal parts talent, work and personal sacrifice, since reaching the elite is complicated, but not impossible. However, having Xports Xperts in terms of representation opens many doors for the future.

We work advising athletes, coaches and clubs, focusing on fundamental soccer, considering ourselves experts in this sector. Success in a sports career and in personal counseling comes when you get to know people and the current and future needs and challenges they are going to have. With this extensive knowledge and our help and advice in making decisions, we are able to achieve the most ambitious goals.

We explore the personal and family situation of players and coaches, helping to choose the best possible option for sports development. We look for the team where we improve day by day and where we can grow. We always request the family help of the players, to share the academic and sports objectives.

From our recommendation, priority will be given to the academic before sports . We try to combine the studies they want to carry out with the achievement of the highest possible sporting level. On the other hand, we also help in the management of obtaining scholarships for the players to go study and play abroad. All young soccer players must be trained, since 99% of their future will be earned with the studies they have completed, not with soccer.

We stand out for the extensive compilation available for each player in their personal file on our website, description of the style of play, technical skills… that we work to make it a benchmark for national and international teams. Be Xports Xperts

We have expert lawyers recognized for their great ability to review, draft and negotiate contractual relationships, as well as defend their clients in any legal field; specialized in the world of sports law.

We have a very close relationship with our clients, always giving priority to their well-being and the needs they may have. We coordinate jointly with the clubs, so that any player is always received, as he deserves. Shall we talk?

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The training of professional soccer players is a process that is undertaken at a young age, staying on a path of training, training and growth on a personal and sporting level. There is a large number of candidates for professional soccer players who regularly compete to showcase their talent and open up a sporting path, for which they require intense training. Undoubtedly, fundamental soccer is the seedbed from which soccer talent is extracted for its subsequent professional progress. It is also known as a quarry and is usually in charge of or receives the support of important clubs, being one of the pillars on which professional soccer is based. The importance of fundamental soccer lies in the fact that players, from an early age, are able to better adapt to the demands of the game, knowing and experiencing its work philosophy closely, allowing the sport to stop being a simple hobby and become a professional option.  We are your representatives, we are Xports Xperts

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  • Sports Legal Representation
  • Professional Technical Assistance
  • File in the Database
  • Travel Discounts
  • Creation of the player file
$ 9

/ month

  • Sports Legal Representation
  • Professional Technical Assistance
  • Professional MKT Projection
  • USA Scholarship Management
  • National & International Projection
$ 10

/ month

Advanced- tutor deportivo
  • Sports Legal Representation
  • Professional Techncial Assistance
  • Professional MKT Projection
  • Detailed Montly Reports
  • Individual Development plan
$ 29

/ month

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