Adalú Salas Grau

With a more than outstanding vision and understanding of the game, and accompanied by great speed and overflow, Adalú is a very complete player, capable of occupying different positions throughout the entire attack. 2004 junior

Basic Information

A sportswoman with an athletic build. Right handed. Quick.


Adalú Salas Grau «Balu» Born in 2004 and of Chilean origin – Spanish


It is a winger with great travel and versatility, being able to occupy both bands indifferently.

Training and current team

Registered in the Chilean first division competition (Youth) in 2020. Called to train with the first team in 2021 (16 years old), Regular player in the starting position in the under 19 category. Called up to the Chilean Under 20 national team in 2022 Experience in Spanish teams (Minerva, CD Los Alcazares and Atletico de Madrid).

Adalú Salas

winger with overflow, fast and key to her team’s attacks

Adalú is a very technical, fast and safe player. She combines a great understanding of the game with her physical abilities, making her a very important piece for her team’s attack. A great person on the pitch and off.

Adalú in numbers

«Balu» is a smart player! «Soccer is a thought that is played, and more with the head than with the feet»- Milan Kundera.


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