Enjoy the sport

The great importance of sports

Sports are very important and helps children develop physically and mentally. Physical activity should be part of their daily routine since the benefits are fundamental: it helps them in psychomotor development and relationships, teaches them to follow rules, to work as a team, to recognize the importance of personal effort and to set goals. You can always find time to practice, whether it’s during schoolyard activities or on the weekend. It can also be a good time to hang out with family and friends.

Motivation is a series of cognitive, psychological and physiological processes that influence behavior in a given situation. The child’s motivation is influenced by several factors: internal or personal, such as temperament and external. In sport, motivation is fundamental since it largely determines the child’s attitudes, the relationship between team members, the way in which the sport is practiced and the results obtained. The behavior of the parents and the trainer is essential to motivate the child, since they are the people who can influence them the most in this area.

Most of what we learn in life happens through observation. Children will look at loved ones who are nearby, these will be the mirrors in which they can look at themselves. The figure of a coach will be a very attractive model to watch and learn from. The performance of the coach will be a benchmark for the children and their performance. Athletes perceive what the coach does and says and tend to imitate him. The connection that the two establish will be crucial for the child’s performance and motivation; in part, they will learn to see themselves as athletes as their coach sees them.

Parents and coaches will be a fundamental support in the development of children’s sports activities. Both need to watch their behavior, as this directly affects the child’s attitudes not only as a child but also as an adult. You are a key figure in the proper education of the child. The position of the parents will be as important as that of the trainer and they must play a fundamental role, respecting the role of the trainer and facilitating your work. Review the expectations you have of your children in sports. Parents can get carried away by their own motivations or frustrations. Take an interest in the sport that your child has chosen, accompany him to training, attend their matches in a positive way… Pay attention to their behavior and always remember that children have a tendency to imitate.

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