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Do you want to become a professional soccer player?

If you are a skilled soccer player and want to have the opportunity to be evaluated by a professional agent and make a personalized technical report on qualities and skills, we are your best choice. Xports Xperts is an agency that is constantly looking for the best players to accompany them on their sports adventure #becomeaprofessionalplayer.

Xports Xperts is looking for are players from 11 to 19 years old, from the community, competing in federated clubs of the RFEF and without a representative agent. The cost of this complete service starts from $9 per month and includes the creation of the player’s file and the promotion in our contacts. A complete footballer’s report with a careful presentation. Position in the section of promoted players in Xports Xperts, in addition to complete personalized sports legal advice and the possibility of being an exclusively represented player, if the profile matches our selection criteria, exercising an intermediary action that will help you in contractual matters , negotiations, legal and regulatory issues and even the possibility of progressing in other national and international leagues #wemakeithappen

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Do you want to become a professional soccer player?

We would like to be your  companions on this adventure

Nothing is going to stop you, you must work to achieve it and we will be by your side to encourage you, take care of you and protect you.

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Some things we are excellent at

We are a sports company, we target young athletes, offering extensive intermediation and legal representation services, our main goal being to help you achieve your most ambitious sports goals #becomeaprofessionalplayer #XportsXperts


We are committed to seriousness, trust and discretion in our work. We will help you reach your goal in an honest way and with great values


We work to adapt our services to the real needs of our clients, both in the sports field and on a personal level.


As an Agency we advise young players and collaborate with Clubs, Federations as well as various sports companies.


We provide our represented young people with a professional relationship, taking care of their sporting, contractual and legal interests at all times.

Be our player 

We are Xports Xperts, join us now!

  • Sports Legal Representation
  • Professional Technical Assistance
  • File in the Database
  • Travel Discounts
$ 9

/ month

  • Sports Legal Representation
  • Professional Technical Assistance
  • Professional MKT Projection
  • Skills development
$ 10

/ month

advanced – Tutor
  • Representación Legal & Fiscal
  • Personalized assistance
  • Ad Hoc Sports MKT Campaign
  • Individual Development Plan
$ 29

/ month

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