Florin Celsie

Bold winger on the pitch who loves to go one-on-one with the ball. The qualities that define him the most are his fantastic dribbling and his remarkable strength.

Basic information

A sportsman with an athletic build, with a height of 1.80 cm and 73 kilos. He is right-handed and very fast in the field.


Florin Celsie. Born in Tremp (Lérida) in 2005. 


He plays as a winger fulfilling his role in attack and is always looking out to help the team in defense.

Training and current team

Formed in the Club Gimnàstic de Tarragona. He currently plays in the second youth team.

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Florin Celsie

winger with fantastic dribbling and remarkable  strength

Florin Celsie. Winger with an overflow of skills and with a very good cross into the area. Quality, control, dribbling and above all, explosive speed.

Florin Celsie

Quality, control, dribbling and speed

A player with great dribbling skills, a specialist in 1 on 1, accompanied by a lot of top speed and a change of pace, this combo makes him a difficult player to control.

Florin Celsie in numbers

A phrase from his idol Messi perfectly defines Florin Celsie’s personality on and off the pitch… «Without the help of my teammates I wouldn’t be anything at all. I wouldn’t win titles, prizes or anything.»


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