Alfredo «Alhambra» Gallego

Alhambra is a technical, fast and versatile player, capable of moving with solvency throughout the attack zone. Thanks to his resistance and his ability to sacrifice, he has come to play on the wing. 

Basic information

An athlete with a lot of resistance, 1.74 cm and 63 kilos. Right handed.


Alfredo «Alhambra» Gallego. Born in Madrid in 2004.


Winger who plays predominantly in attack and this forces him to spend 90 very intense minutes, so his physical condition is fantastic.

Training and current team

Most of his career has been spent at Atlético de Madrid, moving on to the Rayo Vallecano youth team. He has currently signed with Sporting de Hortaleza in the division of honor.

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Alfredo «Alhambra» Gallego

Attacking wingerfast 
and versatile

Outgoing and fast character. He gets involved with his teammates and has no problem sacrificing himself to score for the team.

Alfredo «Alhambra» Gallego

Resistance and ability to sacrifice for the team

Excellent winger who helps both in defense and attack, with a notorious ability to anticipate and intuition to intercept rival passes.

Alhambra in numbers

«Alhambra» does not have a specific idol, although Llorente, the Atlético de Madrid player, is currently one of his favorites.


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