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What does the Xports Xperts Advanced formula offer?

By signing a legal contract with our agency, we promise to accompany the player in his career, we add that, with the advanced formula, the player chooses to develop his career internationally through a scholarship in the United States.

In addition, we will carry out a complete study of your sports skills, carried out by professionals, who will advise you on your areas of improvement. With this data, we will create a personalized file and monitor your evolution. Finally, we will act as intermediaries between the player and the American teams to facilitate their signing.

What annual price does this option have?

All professional services included in this formula have a final price of $348 per year. They include legal, sports, technical and marketing advice. Without a doubt, we are the best complement to your career.

Why should I choose Advanced?

We want to always be by your side and we will work to give you everything you need to achieve your goal, from looking for a team in the division and category that fits your sporting quality to legal advice on any problem.

In addition, XportsXperts believes that international options enhance the game and the player’s possibilities as well as a great experience.


Analyze, understand and improve your game.

Our tutor is a technician in charge of breaking down your game to analyze it, visiting you at least once a month generating a personalized report. It depends directly on our DT acting transversally, analyzing physical and tactical performance, among others, detecting possible areas for improvement, for which a personalized action plan will be recommended.

Soccer is a sport of details and these can be a differentiating factor, which is why our team will work with data and video, to get a better understanding of the athlete’s game and the environment that surrounds him, analyzing the game in detail in a way individual to identify patterns of behavior with aspects that generally go unnoticed.

Once the information is generated, it is very important to maintain good communication between those involved, which makes it possible to form a fundamental basis for this entire process to be correct.

Our tutors are XportsXperts football analysts with extensive knowledge of football. Not only tactical or technical aspects, but physical, psychological, social or of any kind. The football analyst is part of the circle of coaches that uses the same language, will be aware of the software options, platforms and tools that exist today and in this way is prepared to improve or adapt to any requirement and thus make the most of available resources.

A good job, if it is not well transmitted, loses strength. We will make you participate in our conclusions, we will place special emphasis on tactical performance. At the tactical and game level, an analysis is made of how individual performance is affected, studying possessions made, zones and characteristics, analysis of defensive and offensive actions, set pieces, for and against, relationships and associations. between players and actions of any kind such as passes, recoveries or losses.

Context analysis of the shot with variables such as destination, frequency, spatial position and body pose. Physical performance has been of extraordinary importance in the world of football in recent years. Therefore, in order to maximize the conditional aspect of footballers, everything depends on measuring where they are. For this, it is necessary to analyze and evaluate the numerous elements of physical and psychological component that intervene in the practice of soccer.

For this reason, the achievement of this performance involves analyzing what is happening psychologically with a view to improving it. The character and personality of the players are two characteristics that define a person internally. Like the way in which he relates to his teammates on the field, in the locker room, with the stands or with the coaching staff.

Not everything has to be quantifiable. But simply the fact of observing, processing and maturing the why of what is being done offers a competitive advantage. Our work can be very complex, so it requires great dedication. But remember, this is just a help, everything happens to continue training and working for our goals.

Player selection process for scholarships in the United States

We will divide the process into detailed stages below


In this phase, an evaluation of the candidate is carried out (physical and technical qualities, among others) as well as a study of their real possibilities.


With the previous evaluation, a profile is created that will help universities to begin to take an interest.


Conducting a personal interview to identify the player’s sporting objectives (aspirations, interests, preferences, duration of the scholarship, among others)


We present the offers to the player as well as the contact with the coaches, at this point the payment must be made, which would be 2,500 dollars, but when the advanced formula is used, a discount of 300 dollars is made from the total.

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We are a sports company, we target young athletes, offering extensive intermediation and legal representation services, our main goal being to help you achieve your most ambitious sports goals #becomeaprofessionalplayer #XportsXperts


We are committed to seriousness, trust and discretion in our work. We help you reach your goal in an honest way and with great values


We work to adapt our services to the real needs of our clients, both in the sports and personal field.


As an Agency we advise young players and collaborate with Clubs, Federations as well as various sports companies.


We provide our represented young people with a professional relationship, taking care of their sporting, contractual and legal interests at all times.

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  • Sports Legal Representation
  • Professional Technical Assistance
  • File in the Database
  • Travel Discounts
  • Creation of the player file
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  • Sports Legal Representation
  • Professional Technical Assistance
  • Professional MKT Projection
  • USA Scholarship Management
  • National & International Projection
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Advanced- tutor deportivo
  • Sports Legal Representation
  • Professional Techncial Assistance
  • Professional MKT Projection
  • Detailed Montly Reports
  • Individual Development plan
$ 29

/ month