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We are representatives of youth soccer players, we are «Locos X Futbol» and we have assembled a team of multidisciplinary professionals that are proficient in law, physical training, tactical analysis, financial advice and other areas that we believe are essential for the career of today’s soccer players. In addition, the Xports Xperts team based in Madrid, Spain and Miami, FL USA, is negotiating with delegations from other regions of the country. We are focused on international soccer as well. This work is carried out through a network of collaborators in accordance with the principles of work and honesty, thus opening offices all over the globe. 

Xports Xperts focuses on the main bases of representation, training, consulting and communication. These pillars form a single movement with each other by being directly connected to not only each other but also to our founding values: «professionalism, honesty and transparency». We understand our project from this global perspective, we not only intend to move the participants, but also make a global commitment to those represented. We intend to provide young soccer players with all the tools for sports development and to be able to grow through learning how to prepare for their future as a professional athlete. All this from our exclusive Xports Xperts formula, representatives of young soccer players.

Some things we are excellent at

We are a sports company, we target young athletes, offering extensive intermediation and legal representation services, our main goal being to help you achieve your most ambitious sports goals #becomeaprofessionalplayer #XportsXperts


We are committed to seriousness, trust and discretion in our work. We will help you reach your goal in an honest way and with great values


We work to adapt our services to the real needs of our clients, both in the sports field and on a personal level.


As an Agency we advise young players and collaborate with Clubs, Federations as well as various sports companies.


We provide our represented young people with a professional relationship, taking care of their sporting, contractual and legal interests at all times.

Be our player 

We are Xports Xperts, join us!

  • Sports Legal Representation
  • Professional Technical Assistance
  • File in the Database
  • Travel Discounts
  • Creation of the player file
$ 9

/ month

  • Sports Legal Representation
  • Professional Technical Assistance
  • Professional MKT Projection
  • USA Scholarship Management
  • National & International Projection
$ 10

/ month

Advanced- tutor deportivo
  • Sports Legal Representation
  • Professional Techncial Assistance
  • Professional MKT Projection
  • Detailed Montly Reports
  • Individual Development plan
$ 29

/ month

You don’t fail until you stop trying. Achieve your dreams! XportsXperts

We want to be your representatives on the complicated path to becoming a professional soccer player. We will make it!


The Xports Xperts player will have a personalized file on our specialized website, which will include photos and videos. updated info


We will sign in our offices or via online, a legal document that includes the points of the contract that will unite us. Welcome to Xports


With this formula, you can consult with your legal specialist lawyer up to a maximum of 2 hours a year, in person


During a match, our Scouting team will carry out personal monitoring and report on the player’s characteristics.

XportsXperts representation. We advise and manage the sports career, always putting the well-being of the athlete and their family first.

Specialized brokerage. We mediate with other soccer players and clubs that ask us for help to carry out operations.

Legal and tax advice. So that the player only has to worry about his passion, we take care of his legal peace of mind at the highest level. We are #XportsXperts

Marketing. We give all the necessary support to carry out the best personal marketing actions in everything that surrounds the image of the athlete #XportsXperts