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Locos X Futbol presents Xports Xperts which is much more than a soccer player representation project. It is developed with the same motives that always drive great athletes: go further, discover new places, cross borders, connect with new visions of the world, travel other paths. In addition, we intend to offer the maximum legal and ethical guarantees.

Complying with the regulations, in order to adapt to the new requirements of current criminal legislation, at Locos X Futbol we have implemented, through a Crime Prevention Protocol (Compliance), prevention measures adopting organization and management models that include suitable surveillance and control guidelines to prevent the commission of behaviors that are likely to constitute a crime within the scope of our business activity.

This Code determines the way in which we must all conduct ourselves in our relationship with colleagues, managers, clients, suppliers, public administrations and, in general, with all those with whom, due to the company’s own activity or its corporate life, some kind of relationship is established. Code of Conduct Contuhijo

Similarly, we have appointed a person in charge of Compliance with the Protocol in order to supervise the operation and compliance with this prevention model. Any issue related to illegal activities such as those indicated in the Code of Conduct may be brought to the attention of the «Ethical Compliance Officer» through conventional means or through the email

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Who we are and what we do to help you become a professional soccer player

Some important information

We are XportsXperts, a trademark registered in the OEPM with the file: N0432420, whose owner is Ernesto Daubar, Administrator of the Locos X Futbol company, with CIF B87663605, with address at Calle Orense 6, 15th floor, postal code 28020 in Madrid, address email and telephone +34 911 138 347. Company whose corporate purpose is the creation, management, administration and operation of recreational, leisure, entertainment and recreation centers, as well as the commercialization of articles related to the Provision of representation services for soccer players and athletes in general, as well as mediation before clubs, entities, associations and sports societies, for the stipulation of scholarship contracts or provision of professional services. The company Mad About Soccer was founded on 10/13/2016 with a share capital of €30,000, an operation registered in the Madrid Mercantile Registry, volume T 35214, sheet 190, entry 633238.

It’s important to know…

We are a for-profit company whose mission is to accompany young athletes on their way to professional soccer, offering sports and technical legal representation services, as well as working on personal marketing. We intend to facilitate the footballer’s relationship with the clubs and the staff of the different teams, presenting the athlete through our web pages, social networks and direct contacts with scouts, coaches and football analysts. In any case, success depends exclusively on the quality of the athlete.

What are our services?

We want to offer young athletes, of all categories and levels, the experience of being represented in a professional manner, considering the personal relationship as a fundamental issue, from the base to infinity (and beyond). Our proposal contains the negotiation and selection of the best sports offers, recommending the player to the ideal club for his sports development. We carry out intermediation operations between clubs and professionals, acting in the transfers and assignments of players and coaches to their new club. Our philosophy is based on respect and mutual trust between agent and player, offering support and advice at all times to help you make the right decision. We are crazy about soccer we are Locos X Futbol