We are passionate about women’s soccer! We are Xports Xperts agency of representatives of female soccer players, specialists in youth sports.

Becoming a professional soccer player is the dream that many young women aspire to, and we all know that the recipe to achieve this formula is achieved with equal parts talent, work, and personal sacrifice, since reaching the elite is complicated, but not impossible. However, having Xports Xperts in terms of representation opens many doors for the future. We are representatives of women’s soccer, we are Xports Xperts

Xports Xperts begins to work with young players, since we prefer to accompany the player throughout her journey until she gets her first professional contract. Even if you do not reside in Spain or the US, we encourage you to send us your CV online so that we can help you. The values ​​of friendship, tolerance, teamwork and commitment are very present in our daily work, we stand out in the close treatment with parents from an early age or the personal, medical and academic care of the player.

Apart from all the benefits that comes with being represented by Xports Xperts, we also offer social work with our soccer players. In a world in which soccer eclipses the other facets of life, we are committed to working to achieve the academic objectives of athletes through counselling, scholarships or aid to combine both occupations. Xports Xperts agency of representatives of female soccer players, specialists in young athletes.

We divide our training into three stages, under 16, where they focus on the implication of values ​​and learning; from 16 to 18 years old, a stage in which they improve their soccer performance while looking for a future in sports scholarships. Finally, from the age of 18 comes consolidation through agreements with elite clubs and universities and physical and legal advice.

We stand out for the extensive compilation available for each player in their personal file on our website, description of the style of play, technical skills… which is a benchmark for national and international teams. Be Xports Xperts

We have expert lawyers recognized for their great ability to review, draft and negotiate contractual relationships, as well as defend their clients in any legal field; especially sports law. We are 100% committed to the fight for equality and personalized treatment for each of the soccer players. 

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Women’s soccer is already recognized as a professional sport as approved by the Higher Sports Council. One more step in the evolution that is taking in recent years. Along this path, women’s youth soccer teams must also advance towards professionalization and high performance, and their main objective must be to nurture players for the first team. Women’s soccer has established itself in recent years as a sport and as a common practice among our young women. Be Xports Xperts

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  • Sports Legal Representation
  • Professional Technical Assistance
  • File in the Database
  • Travel Discounts
  • Creation of the player file
$ 9

/ month

  • Sports Legal Representation
  • Professional Technical Assistance
  • Professional MKT Projection
  • USA Scholarship Management
  • National & International Projection
$ 10

/ month

Advanced- tutor 
  • Sports Legal Representation
  • Professional Techncial Assistance
  • Professional MKT Projection
  • Detailed Montly Reports
  • Individual Development plan
$ 29

/ month

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