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Functions of the Xports Xperts technical team

The technical team supports the Board of Directors to execute the strategic lines and defined action plans. The technical team carries out sports coordination actions, communication, project execution, information and advice to our associates, collaboration with work groups, relations with other sports entities, attention to social organizations, public and private institutions, media communication and people interested in Xports Xperts. #BecomeXportsXperts

We will always be by your side when you need it

Oversee and facilitate strategies, even if necessary, plan individual programs for each player, coordinate with sports science support staff, oversee competitions or games, analyze individual client performance, and work with managers to select customized strategies

We are Xports Xperts

We have the best technical team to help you achieve your most ambitious goals. Trust us as we will trust you

Some things we are excellent at

We are a sports company, we target young athletes, offering extensive intermediation and legal representation services, our main goal being to help you achieve your most ambitious sports goals #becomeaprofessionalplayer #XportsXperts


We are committed to seriousness, trust and discretion in our work. We will help you reach your goal in an honest way and with great values


We work to adapt our services to the real needs of our clients, both in the sports field and on a personal level.


As an Agency we advise young players and collaborate with Clubs, Federations as well as various sports companies.


We provide our represented young people with a professional relationship, taking care of their sporting, contractual and legal interests at all times.

RFEF license

Xports Xperts, registered trademark of Locos X Futbol is represented by Legal Sports Boutique SL, licensed by the Royal Spanish Football Federation for intermediation and mentoring of athletes #Becomeaprofessionalplayer